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January 18, 2012



Hilarious! I had to share it on Pinterest ;-).

Roslyn Mires

Awesome... Thanks for sharing this video!

Cat Pee Diaries

I had no idea that an iphone/ipad could an instrument for pets!

Too Funny!


Hehe! ipads look great fun!


lol the puppy rage quit´╗┐ at 1:09


Know I will have to introduce my cats to Fruit Ninja too. That would make a great tablet commercial, so simple even your cat can use it!

Alana H.

Hi there,

This video montage is the cutest thing I've seen in a while; I'm sharing this in my social networks! Plus, what I love about the interactive nature of the games is that they are great distractions for pets when you're traveling with them; this is especially true if you have a pet who has boundless energy.


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