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November 06, 2011



Lola hangs out like that too....on the couch :)

Love your blog...been following for about two weeks...keep 'em coming!



What is up everyone? I got myself the best crib


Bonkers will grab control of this bed if Miss Daisy doesn't get there first.

Cheoy Lee

Aw, he looks so relaxed, that's very cute.

Pets-Kids Photography

Bonkers looks exactly like one of my favorite feral cats in this colony. I love calicos and the colors. This cat looks awfully rested! Regards, Liezl

Kenneth Gibbons LLC

Wow I love the calico pic. I have a calico named willow named after the street the shelter I took her home from is located. Regards, Kenneth Gibbons LLC

Kenneth Gibbons LLC

Also a follow up comment to my last one. I hope you don't mind me for sharing but a wrote a article on fostering stray cats at Tax Deductions for Fostering Stray Cat & Dogs


Love your post. Cats can be so cute when they're lazy. I think it's time for a new cat bed. How about a heated one. So cool...check it out http://www.entirelypets.com/heatedcatbed.html


Heh, it's too hot around here for a heated cat bed. At least this time of year. Miss Daisy has been claiming this bed first, lately, and Bonkers still manages to squeeze in with her. Time for some new pics!

Cat Water Fountain Blog

We have that same bed and our cat loves it! It's a soft and safe place to take a cat nap! I also love the paw hang out, maybe ready to swipe at something going by?

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