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November 27, 2010


The Creek Cats

It's no fun being moved when you are all cozy and sleeping!

Amy & The House of Cats

Oh our mom does that all the time - so does our dad! At least our mom is nice enough to sometimes carry us with her, but we think it is just a trick on her part to keep us nearby. We have missed seeing you - mom's work computer is all blocked now so we hardly get to visit. We are happy to see you!!


Our Human has been having some problems with his computers. He tends to say bad words (which we won't repeat here) when trying to get his desktop to work. And the computer that competes with us for space in his lap has also had 'issues'. He keeps saying that he is going to get a new computer, but we'll believe it when we see it. Thanks for checking on us!

Bonkers and Miss Daisy

Cat Games

Yes my Dad does that to me all the time especially when he is typing on the computer. I think I will find him a computer with a silent keyboard!!


My human always picks me up when i am in the middle of my beauty sleep! What is with these humans??!!

Cat Tree Plans

LOL! I know this situation all too well. That's exactly what I think my cats are thinking when they're fast asleep and I have to leave to go do something. They just stare and give you that look of, "Really? Who do you think you are waking me from my slumber? I don't think I gave you permission to get up now did I?"



I agree I hate to move when I have only had 10 hours of sleep. I need my 16 a day! www.catrazy.com

Shawn Tymchak

One of ours always lays between my legs on his furry blanket. He always gives me the look and a meow when I need to get up, but, he keeps coming back!!!


You tell him Miss Daisy! Meow!



That's okay. This is warm and comfy too.

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