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September 18, 2010



It's still too hot here to have to windows open most of the time. But sometimes at night one will be open. There's not much to see here, so I don't really mind.

Katz (And Other) Tales

Sounds lovely. We live in Malaysia so our doors are always open.


Great blog and what beautiful cats!! I am writing to see if you and your followers can help me get signatures on a petition to make changes at the City of Chicago Commission on Animal Care and Control (“CACC”). My cats were recently taken by CACC and contracted a highly contagious, deadly virus. One of my cat’s Boo, passed away after contracting the virus. You can read Boo’s story at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5fW1lFVJxE.

CACC has been under a lot of scrutiny lately, including a story that ran on our local WGN station. You can see the story at http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/steve-dale-pet-world/2010/09/paul-lisnek-discusses-conditions-at-chicago-animal-care-and-control.html. You can also read about what is happening at http://www.dancingdogblog.com/2010/11/chicagos-animal-care-and-control-new-incident/.

If you or any of your friends and family could sign Boo’s petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/BooBoo/petition.html. We are trying to get attention from everywhere so that the Mayor will have to do something about the conditions at CACC. We need over 5,000 signatures so any assistance you could give to help our plight would be greatly appreciated.


In a few days the Human can open our windows but today it already feels like Fall. It is a little too early for that.

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