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May 22, 2010



Nice one! I can sure relate to this. Often times I rise early in the morning and am feeling so energized and rarin' to go. All I want to do is have my breakfast early so that I can get outside as soon as I can and check out what's gone on and who's been around during the night.

Maggie is the quiet one and is content to wait patiently. Me, I can pace and sing for a looong time! The humans really dislike this so early in the morning. If this fails to work, knocking over a picture frame on a table next to the window, usually has one of them up and ready to attend to my needs.

 Miss Daisy

Oh yes. . .knocking over something works really well! Preferably something that makes a lot of noise.

We used to be outside cats. . .in our younger days. Our Human lived in the country, and we would run in the fields and play all day long. By the time the Human would come home, we would be waiting on the front porch. . .ready to go inside.

These days, we live in the city, so we stay inside. But we like it that way. . .lots of toys to play with and birds to tease through the windows. And of course, we sit in the Human's lap as much as possible when he is home.


Oh, playing in the fields and chasing after chipmunks is my favourite thing to do these days! We live in the country with mom and dad. I think I'd go out of my mind if I couldn't go outside -- So much to see and smell and the selection of birds around here is fantastic, but I'm only allowed to watch them. I'm going on seven now and starting to do a lot more napping than I used to, so who knows, I might end up having to trade in my adventurous ways and become an indoor cat one day too.


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Yep! - I can relate to this one - my cat Janit is forever disrupting my sleep I have written her a letter on the subject but still she persists

miss daisy

Heh heh. . .Janit sounds like our kind of cat! We like to scare our Human as well. . .

Miss Daisy


haha, you won.


Oh, yes, you did well kitties :) Never let the humans sleep!

Val Heart

Such a fun read! More adventures dear kitties, keep us posted! :)

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