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May 09, 2010


The Creek Cats

Oh yes, we are all for a Cat Day!!


Heh.Creaky knees. That sounds like the Woman (I let her sleep in today...just this once.)

And yeah! We need Cat Day!!!


Cats should have a day for themselves. They deserve it for all the love and affection they show their owners. Laying on your lap while watching tv. Laying next to you in bed right up against the humans body.


I’d vote for an official cat day. But since there isn’t one, I try to spoil my cats on a regular basis by buying them presents. Their newest gift was a huge outdoor cat cage with a cat condo and cat scratching post. I shopped around quite a bit and the only place that had exactly what I wanted was Cages By Design. I was blown away by the size and quality of these outdoor cat runs. Couldn’t be happier with it. And my cats love it to. Now when I’m at work they can soak up the sun. And since they are in their outdoor cat run, I know their safe and sound. It’s a win-win.


No question that there should be an official "Cat Day" on the calendar. But even if the Officials do not agree we can make every day a day to celebrate the beauty of our beloved felines! This year I designed a calendar of my favorite cats in the world.....the exotic Highland Lynx. I plan to use it to enjoy these gorgeous animals all year long. You can get one too by visiting the Shepherd's Lair Bobtail cats site!!

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