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April 07, 2010


The Creek Cats

That's right! Cats do rule the world.....and the internet!


Ya got two beds...and you're in the same one? That would never happen here! Not even if there was just one bed...

miss daisy

At least two beds, and many comfy other places. However, we both like the smaller bed best. Usually I get it first. If the Human's lap is not available, then Bonkers will try to squeeze in. Sometimes I just leave in disgust. Other times, like in the picture, I put up with her rather large. . . .um. . .you know.


Sweeeeet! Looks real cosy. Personally, any flat surface will do for me, or mom and dad's bed, dad's briefcase, stuff like that.


Oh btw, forgot to introduce myself. My name is also Max, short for 'Maximillian'. My mom created a blog for me and my sister, Maggie as well where she posts pics and chats with other humans about us? It's a bit embarrassing at times but we know she does it with love.

Bonkers and Miss Daisy

Hi Max! Yeah, any flat surface works for us too. We like, in order of preference: the Human's lap, the little bed, the big bed, the Human's bed, the top of the couch, the Human's chair (when he's not in it), behind the blinds in the sun in front of the patio doors, and almost any other place we can find!

Bonkers and Miss Daisy

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