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April 08, 2010



I, too, like to hide from the sucky monster. I mean, I know it's eating the crap off the floor, but I'm not convinced it doesn't also have a taste for kitties... Better safe than sorry...


We did away with the big sucky monster when we moved here. All tile floors, you see. But we have a little mini monster that gets used sometimes. Usually for *ahem* kitty furrs.
Actually mama used it on my furrs once. It was *gulp* kinda nice.
Just saying hi. I am brandi.


Great blog, really enjoyed reading it.

I have just started a blog covering ym cats as well as the cat rescue work I am involved in, I hope it is as good as your's one day.

Have a look and see if you can offer any advice.



I just found your blog and had a good laugh reading your posts. I especially liked reading about the "ultra-super-secret hiding place" your cats have. I'm pretty sure most cats have one. My cat (whose name is Max also) loves the deepest recesses of my closet.


I wish I could follow you. But I am on Blogger and you are not.


I have been looking at other's cat blogs to get ideas to build my own, hope you don't mind. This is so cute, cat's perspective, its wonderful! Thought you should know. Hopefully i can find you thru goodle reader and subscribe to your site to see updates whenever possible. Then when I'm ready I'll share mine with you. Best of luck and bless you and your kitties! Alice

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