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12 June 2009


Ah, well said. I find that my fingers are rather tied on Facebook because I have a similar mix on my list. Friend compartments that have always been separate for me are now all lumped together and watching what I say. It's not that I worry what some will think about me....I just don't like to stir the pot. And I know you will understand when I say that if I post any of my more liberal thoughts (and I have a lot of them!), I will have dozens of "friends" on my doorstep trying to lead me back to THE LORD. I'm just not interested in going there, so I tend to keep my mouth shut and post about trivial things.

It's kind of unfortunate in a way, but I guess it is worth it to reconnect with people you never would have seen again otherwise. I've just moved so far from where they would want me to be, that I hate to make them sad. So, I don't! :)

You captured just how I feel. There is a real sense of not wanting to 'stir the pot', because it doesn't seem worth it in the long run. A strange place to be. I find that I can be much more honest with this blog. Speaking of blogs, I miss reading yours. :)

I have a blog? ;) Maybe it's about time for my once a year post. I'm a terrible blogger.

Have a wonderfully happy birthday tomorrow! I've been thinking about you and your mom. I hope things are going well for you and your family. Enjoy your day and another year!

Thanks Zootie! (see new post above) I hope you and your hubbie are doing well.

A true friend is forever a friend.They are with friends -- the people with whom we often share our deepest thoughts.

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