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23 November 2008


Hmmmm, mince pies. Sweet mince, or mince meat (ground beef, I think it's usually called in the US)?
The sweet mince pies go down a treat with a little brandy-butter, hmmmm.

Nice redesign.

Hmmmm, again.

My comments were there, and now they're gone.
Maybe I posted them too close together.

Anyway, I'm glad the dentistry went well. Never had a root canal, and never hope to have one.

Hope the Thanksgiving celebrations go swimmingly.

The sweet mince is the one we're bringing down. Won't be any brandy butter or any other kind of spirit. . .this is a tee-totaling family we are visiting.

Mmmmm. Brandy.

So are you celebrating kicking the pilgrims out? :)

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