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26 December 2005


I think that would frustrate me more than just about anything. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. I think, though, that your heart is still important to modly discussions even if you don't feel your brain is entirely there. I'm sure they will understand. Trust me when I say this would not be a good time for you to remove yourself from that part of your life. The first few weeks are a little tough being totally on the outside. I don't think you need to deal with that right now. I do hope there is something that will help lift the fog for you. Regardless, your heart is still very precious and unique. Perhaps it is a time for you to use your heart more than your brain for a bit.

You have my best wishes, as always.

Thanks for the insight. Coming from you, I take it very seriously. It's hard to be objective about everything, and we all need trusted people to call the cards as they really are.

You know, I went through a similar thing years ago - for somewhat different reasons (although it was medical), so I know exactly how you feel. That being said, I think you contribute more to the "Mod Pod" more than you realize, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be sad if you decided to stop modding.

*big hugs*

I commiserate with you, my friend, on both accounts. How is the artistic side of things for you? I've always had interests in both techie and artistic things, but found that I dealt with the day-to-day stuff in a very data-manipulative and analytical way. Now I have to go so much more "from the gut". Very unnerving. But at least it seems that my creative side hasn't taken as much of a hit. Have you thought of taking up painting or the like? Art is so much more about feeling than "thinking". And going through "deep shit" historically seems to be good fodder for art. :P

The cool thing about being a mod is that you don't have to be there for logic support. Even if you don't take part in decissions directly, sticking around to offer an "aha!" once in a while is a good thingTM. Your insight was always valuable to me and I'm sure the others. And there's no need to worry about a limited number of Mod Washroom keys to go around. ;)

Plus I agree with the Z-meister.

I hope things suck less

Thanks to all of you. Yeah, I don't *want* to leave the Modpod. I just feel so 'dumb' from what I'm used to feeling.

I do not trust my gut anymore these days, which is another problem. My self-confidence is shot all to hell. If I could re-gain some of that, I think I'd be able to 'think' with my gut. So as the zootster said, I'm trying to use my heart more.

Interesting idea about creativity. My creative outlets have always been writing and music. Perhaps I should choose something less defined in the creative world. . .like art.


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