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02 September 2005


Well, the Yankees just suck. Period. Until someone gives me a reason why I SHOULD like them, I will continue to hate them. :)

My allegiance to the Lakers never wavers, in spite of horrible decision-making and petty fighting. Consequently, I was always a staunch Boston Celtics hater. Any Laker fan of the 80's understands this. However, as I've seen Boston dip down to the bottom of the ranks in the 90's and come back up towards the top again the last few years, I find myself liking them more and even rooting for them. Maybe because I miss the old rivalry and was sad to see such a dominant team drop to the bottom. Or maybe because Boston, the town, has found a special place in my heart over the last 5 or 6 years of visiting my friends there.

Either way, I think our team hatreds can change, but it certainly takes time and a damn good reason. The Yankees still don't have a damn good reason, yet. ;)

Glorified rounders!
Rugby with enough padding to staple to the wals of my nice shiny new room and all the good bits taken out!

David, if you want a redsox hat, try they should have a nice selection for you to choose from.

Dude, George Steinbrenner owns the Yankees. That alone is reason enough to hate them.

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