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24 September 2005


Ouch. I know the idea of surgery sucks, but it's pretty straightforward and will ease the pain a whole heck of a lot (or so I'm told...)

Next time you need an MRI, ask for valium. It's the only way I get through it (and I've had many...) Best MRIs I had were in Ohio--the base hospital had a setup that had plastic earphones, and you could bring a CD in with you and they'd play it from the other room through the phones. I've been MRI'd to the Barenekkid Ladies and John Barry's Moviola soundstrack :)

I (literally) feel your pain...

Don't they have open MRIs in your neck of the woods? Next time, tell then you're claustrophobic and maybe they'll send you to one. Good luck and keep resting that arm!

And I didn't mean to be that formal - I hit autofill and it put in my work-a-day name...

Nobody said anything to me about valium or about music while I was trapped. :(

And I guess we hicks don't have all the newfangled contraptions like 'open MRI's'. We'll have to wait until 2015 to get one of them things.


Well, you do need electricity for them... ;p

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