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22 August 2005


I hope the fame these kids get from the TV exposure isn't detrimental to the recovery process they are all in the middle of right now. There are obviously some that it's not going to matter because the program didn't make permanent changes in them (see Isaiah, etc.), but I do hope that those holding it together these last 7 months aren't sent for a spin.

I wonder how Lexi feels now that millions of people know her private pain and what happened to her? All the kids at her school, her friends, and all of her teachers. I dunno, I like the program, and I like watching it, but I worry about the effects of airing their problems to millions of people on their fragile recovery. I'm sure they will haev some kind of follow-up show, and we can see for ourselves how they are coping.

You are adddicted to this show. Once again a crapass, worthless reality show claims another victim. But, if it helps you get by in life; I'm all for it. Keep yor head up Big Dude, and remeber; you still are and always wil be... "famigilia". I will always be there and always care, even if you watch retarded shows. Peace to all and God save the Queen.

End transmission
B-man out

Zoot, I agree. It's a shame that these kids' problems are on such public display when they are at such a 'low self-esteem' point in their lives. I would think that several of them might gain some new problems from the whole experience. . .with friends at school, etc.

B-man. . .you're insane. . .and that is why I like you. We could always make a reality show about your life. It would probably have really good ratings. heh

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