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25 August 2005


Pretty close...they had their Christmas with hand made gifts, and they did this challenge of basically walking a tightrope 100 feet above ground, with one of the campers on the ground providing protection by holding their rope (one of them started to fall, Jada was holding her rope and kept her from falling.)

Cut to it snowing, it's below zero, and they tel the kids they're going to hike anyway. But first they need to speak with them individually and there's a solo challenge. ne by one they take the kids out, tell them they have to walk in a certain direction alone (remember, it's snowing and verrrrry cold; visibility is low). As the kids each go over the hill, their families are waiting for them.

last one out is Jada, and they tell her they don't think she's ready, and the otehr kids just graduated. First she doesn't believe it, then she starts crying like a baby. Total drama queen moments. In the end, she gets to go, too.

The followups...all th kids are doing well except Jada, who has been caught smoking pot, she refused to go to a boarding school, nothing has really changed for her. Isaiah was doing well, until 6 months out when he was arredted for vandalism. Jada also ran her speedboat into a raft full of people.

holy crap! i never watched this show. cant take the "fakeness" of all of it. these kids sound rough. ran a speedboat into a raft full of people. sometimes i think that we've beaten natural selection back too far.

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