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14 June 2004


I see a man with good taste who's not afraid to show his more cultured, sensitive side. A man with the courage to boldly display a lemon slice in his beer should not be ridiculed, but should be held up as a shining example of independence and individuality in a nation full of plain-beer guzzling sheep. We should not shun the lemon twisters of society, but rather we should encourage them to strain against the shackles of banality and to truly be who they were meant to be.

Twist your lemon with pride, Rick! I salute you!

Thank you Zootie for that eloquent and moving perspective. :-)

Let me be clear on something. The reason the other guys and I give Rick such a hard time, is that he is this Army guy who needs to relax and not get all hung up. We like to tease him 'cause we like him.

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